Jeff Fischer created Third Chapter Films to help people preserve their stories and the special events of their lives. What better way to celebrate the birthday of a loved one – or the bicentennial of a town  – than with a video documenting its rich history?

My latest project is VOICES, a 40-minute documentary tribute to Al Miller, Wendy Poole, and 45 years of young people who have found a home at the Theater Project in Brunswick. The film follows the 2015 production of Voices in the Mirror, but within a larger perspective of how this theater has affected the lives of so many young people.



[vimeo.com/224043338 w=500 h=281]

OR IS IT: https://vimeo.com/fischerjeff/voices

Let Third Chapter Films document in high quality video the memories of your family, of your community – of the people you share your life with. 


My current project is a 40-minute tribute to the impact that the Theater Project of Brunswick, Maine has had on the lives of young people for over 40 years. It sets the making of a high school skit comedy show in the spring of 2015 within a larger focus of the decades long work of founder Al Miller and director Wendy Poole. Here’s the film’s opening:



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